Crap Casting Director Emails Again!

Despite the best efforts of Backstage, the guy figured out I was the one to rat him out. He needs to quit while he's behind:

Hi, [Korra]:

I heard you did not like my comments (see below): I am sorry, and I hereby withdraw my comments.

I liked your work and am interested in meeting at a future interview with hope to work with you.

And, as a well-wisher of you I suggested 'losing weight' is a good idea as if you are my daughter—by the way, I am from India.

I am so sorry to make that suggestion.


Mostly this makes me sad that he would talk to his (hypothetical?) daughter like that.

Time to contact the casting website again! They won't be able to do anything since he contacted me personally (his account was suspended), but they should know this in case they decide to reconsider.

Crap E-mail From a Casting Director

Yesterday I submitted for an acting and writing role for an indie film. Attached was a copy of a play I wrote and starred in.* Today I received this reply (TW):

OK, dear:
I saw the stage drama—a drunk girl.
The camera work is poor—it should have shown close up of your action.
You say you are a writer—let us look into it more.
Also, I think you are a good actress—by the time we meet can I expect you to lose few pounds? Eating less would do it.
Let us keep in touch through email/phone

I know very well that this is the least of what casting directors (even the professional ones) talk about behind closed doors. I've even heard stories where this is what they say to talent upon meeting them. I once got a note about my weight from an acting professor (it was in an anonymous mock-casting evaluation with several professors, but I know which one wrote that comment), but who the FUCK actually says that to someone's face in a first email?! Is this person a PUA or a casting director?

I'm not particularly offended he didn't like the film quality, but it's out of my control now, and I'm not sure why this person would bother to contact and insult me at all if my work, body, etc. was so poor.

I reported them to the casting website. Let's see what they do.

This is why I personally have extreme anxiety about writing and why eating disorders are so prevalent amongst performers...


*The video is not anywhere near the quality required for a reel but while i'm putting mine together it's better than nothing.