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Crap Meeting With A Student

Aaaaaaarrrggghh WHY ISN'T IT FUCK IT FRIDAY YET... Well. Thursday is my Friday so there. Anyway, I just had a meeting with a horrid homophobic bro-ish student, who was supposed to come in with two "well thought-out paper topics" for us to discuss, who came in with thoughts obviously off the top of his head, who has clearly done no reading whatsoever and has absolutely no idea what is going on in class, and who, when I kept asking him to be specific and refine his idea a little, laughed and said "Well, I'm a math major so I really don't care that much about this class." The whole time he was speaking he was CHOMPING DOWN ON BRIGHT BLUE GUM right in the front of his mouth where it was in my face and moving around with every word At that point I handed him a tissue and said, it's very distracting, don't talk to me with gum in your mouth, you are supposed to be an adult!!!! He was clearly enraged, he was definitely expecting to be considered charming. Of course he slammed the door on leaving and then cut class. And thanks to my almost two hour commute, cocktail hour is still very far away...... brain simmers inside skull


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