My FiL is a rare treat. He's a xenophobic, sexist Reform Party type Conservative, who would fit in nicely with the Tea Party, only he believes in evolution. (Or at least he says he does. The way he talks about it clearly indicates to me that he doesn't really understand it.)

His way of viewing the world is so screwed up, he comes out with these pronouncements that make no sense. Some of the latest examples:

1) A conversation about the difficulty a male friend is having getting a joint credit card account that he had with his ex fiancé closed.

My FiL's reaction: "He will never get her removed from the credit card. She's a woman. (Woman said in a whiny voice.). "

FiL believes that in financial and legal matters women will automatically have the upper hand.


2) My BiL gets a book of short stories about Superheroes for his birthday. He's reading the intro to one of the stories aloud:

BiL: "The author takes Superman back to his roots. Most people forget that Superman was created by a Canadian Jew..."
FiL: "There's a perfectly good word, "Jew". The Left tries to pretend there is something wrong with it, but there isn't."


I have no clue what he was on about there. Probably something about the Left and the State of Israel.

3) A conversation about how Mr. I's family Doctor is retiring. I mention I would like to see him get on with a local Family Health team.


My FiL's reaction: Fine, as long as they are not a collective. Or a Cooperative. That's even worse. I do not believe in them.

My FiL believes that anything like a Cooperative is Communist, and therefore evil. That's right, the Farm Coop Store is a nest of Bolsheviks.
When I told my Dad once that my FiL believes that the Farm Coop is Communist, my Dad just laughed and said "Yes, but the good kind."


Sometimes I am just in awe of the fact that Mr. Ivriniel and his sister turned out as normal, well adjusted human beings.