So my FiL is a Canadian Conservative from the Reform Party wing of the party. For the most part he's at home with the Tea Partiers, only obviously without all the hyper patriotic American stuff, and he believes in Evolution (or at least he thinks he does. He doesn't really understand the concept, but that's another story.)

Anyways, he exists in this Conservative echo chamber where he really only interacts with people who share his opinions and only reads things that reinforce his own views.

Well, we went over to his place for dinner the other night, and he started telling us about how a friend of his was fighting with his kids' school. The reason? He walked into the school and saw bundles of *gasp* the Toronto Star in the front hall. The Toronto Star is known to be a Liberal newspaper (in that it tends to editorially support the policies of the Liberal Party), and his buddy viewed this as a Liberal plot to indoctrinate his kids, so he is fighting with the school to have the newspapers removed.

The reality? The Star gives free class sets of newspapers to schools that sign up for it. And really, most Canadians would not view it as "indoctrinating".

Anyways, then my FiL really started pontificating. The dealership where he takes his car for service puts the Toronto Star out in the waiting room, so next time they call him with a service reminder he is going to tell them that he is taking his business elsewhere due to the a Toronto Star being in their waiting room, because clearly they do not want his business.


I just do not understand them. I'm not a fan of the National Post's editorial position, but I'll still read it if it's around, and I certainly wouldn't stop patronizing any business that put it out.