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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Crappy American ~

here to say that America is crappy. So Crappy. Very crappy.

Perhaps Krabby in full.

We already had a Woman President in 2016; she WON by 3 million votes. And it didn’t matter. Electoral bullshit legally gave us T*ump.


The Electoral College. Russia hacking votes all those years ago. Black & brown people again subjected to voter suppression. The utter LOOTING of our protective systems of governance.

Biden or Bernie...we are left with doddering, senile, heart~attack, OLD WHITE MEN. No choice at all. But, with a very deep sigh, I’ll vote for the one old, white man still standing.


Exhausted & angry. That Democrats continue to bring pom~poms to a 25 year old Knife Fight. Idiotic.

My home state is among the last to “vote” in the primary. My one vote means NOTHING. I’m fucking pissed off.

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