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12:30-ish: Just got back from there! Told my PA-C about my experience on the phone this morning and she said “hm. This isn’t the first complaint we’ve had about that today. I’ll look into it.”

Clearly, someone there is having a bad day, but c’mon man - you’re the first point of contact for this medical practice - you’d better learn to fake it better or tap out.


I called my doctor’s office at 8:20 this morning to make an appointment.

It takes quite a bit of mental effort for me to do this, what with general anxiety and the hearing issues that make using the phone a terrible experience in every way. But I do need to get in there and have my foot looked at because the athlete’s foot situation is out of control.


It went exactly like this:


“Good morning. I’d like to make an appointment.”

“Ma’am, we’re not open until 8:30.”

“Oh! Well, I guess I’ll call back at 8:30, then.”


Um, excuse the ever loving fuck out of me, but if you’re not open until 8:30, then why the fuck are you picking up the goddamned fucking phone? Roll it to voicemail or whatever.


This doctor’s office is fucking terrible at customer service. They always have been. Sometimes, if I need to make an appointment I will stop in and do it in person because HELLO I CANNOT HEAR so calling is a problem at the best of times. They always act as though me stopping by is the woooooooooorst thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and they act so put-out at having to y’know, TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE.

I spent a good many years being a receptionist at a doctor’s office, so I understand the job, but I’ll tell you that it’s 100000% better for someone to come in and make an appointment face-to-face rather than misunderstand what’s happening on the phone. It’s not like there’s a rigid routine in a medical practice, anyway - shit happens all day every day and being able to roll with it is a great skill to have. These front-deskers don’t seem to have this skill. Or any others, from what I can see.


The doctors, though - they are all great. I see a PA-C, and she is wonderful and kind and smart and caring and all that jazz. I just have to get through the Front Desk Gauntlet of Fuckery to get to her.

SooooOOOooooooo, if I were to complain about the shit-tastic front desk customer service, to whom should I direct my complaint? I’m assuming that going in there with a flamethrower is probably not the best way to go about it?

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