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Crappy Hourly Job PSA

Hello all. As the greater St. Louis metropolitan area is experiencing the beginnings of an ice storm, I would like to present a PSA as to why it’s a dick move to say variations of, “ugh they should have stayed home, it’s not worth it for a 6 hr shift...”

Every retail job I have ever had has punished employees for calling off work for snow or ice. EVERY ONE. My call center job was the same way. I suspect any hourly rate job with no worker protections has the potential for this.


You’ll drop from 4-5 shifts a week to 2. And then when you discuss it with management, you’ll get snide comments like “well, we just have to make sure the staff we expect to be here 4-5 days a week are reliable.” Usually 2-3 weeks later you’d revert back to your normal schedule. Unless there was more bad weather and you needed to call in.

So it’s not necessarily that the employee is worried about losing 6 hours of pay if he or she misses work that day. Although plenty of times in my life losing 6 hours of pay would fuck me over on groceries or bills. It’s being worried about how they are going to make rent or pay for utilities if they get half-sized checks for several weeks if they don’t show up in horrible weather for work on a day the store should have just closed.

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