I've been kind of too anxious and busy to post anything, and it's pretty much snowballed into me falling off the face of the gawkerverse. I still read the Main Page and GT, but whenever I feel the urge to post a comment, I confess that I get overwhelmed.This also happens when I get an update on an old friend who I haven't contacted in a long time and I can't gain the nerve to reach out to them.I've gained the nerve to post this message, so it's a step. Anyway, here's an update for anyone interested:

1. I am volunteering at three places, and I'm slowly getting used to having a consistant schedule. One of my jobs is pretty much my dream job: I'm working at my local Public Library!I am doing archive work, so I'm not exactly working with a lot of people, but I love my work.My other job is teaching ESL in Trenton for a nonprofit company. That is also fun, but a little less relaxing since I've never really taught before. The third place is reading the news for an hour for an audio news stream for the blind. It's okay work, but I am admittedly crap at keeping up with the allotted time, and my supervisor has put my volunteering on hold for a while so I can practice.


2.I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I have to move out by the end of July. I've applied for some housing programs, and I'm looking for other places to live, but it's been really putting fire under my ass to get out. If I wasn't back on my medication, I admit that I would be too paralyzed with anxiety to get anything done.

3.I watched the movie Frances Ha, and it reminded me so much of my current situation that I had a bit of an existential crisis.It's both exactly like my life and so unlike my life that I had a lot of feelings about that movie.

Anyway, I hope this evening is good, and the weekend to come is even better!