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Crazy-Ass Goals Post

I’ll start!

2 days ago it was brought to my attention that my current living arrangements will likely become problematic in July/August of this year. Long story short, the equity is going to be leveraged to buy another house, so time for me to move the fuck out so it can be sold. This sounds weird, just trust me on it, and I don’t want to go into details as to the whys behind this situation.

Anyhoo! Guess who is now going to be saving for a down payment on a new condo! I don’t want the maintenance of a house, but I have a 100 lb dog, so renting really isn’t feasible. Hence condo/townhouse.


The good news is (1) this gives me a chance to move closer to work. And since I live in South County, aka the opposite place where the jobs are, this is smart. (2) housing costs are basically anemic in the greater St. Louis area, so I can expect to get a decent condo for 75-100k in a nice area in West County, aka much closer to where the jobs are.

I don’t have a set date for having to leave, so my hope is to have enough saved by the end of the year to get pre-approved for a loan and then move early 2018.

If nothing goes stupid wrong this summer, I could potentially have enough saved to do this sooner, because again I don’t all that much for a down payment in St. Louis. Admittedly I am regretting spending my tax return on a laser-hair removal package, since that would have been a nice chunk of $ to throw at this endeavor. Although I am looking forward to never having razorburn in my bikini line after the laser-hair removal is complete.

Anybody else got a really aggressive goal planned?

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