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Crazy dog lady

So, I am a crazy dog lady. Recently, I was shopping for new glasses and made small talk with the salesman about my dog, a brussels griffon. He mentioned that the optometrist at the shop wanted a brussels griffon, so I referred him to the local BG rescue group. I was worried the salesman wouldn't tell the optometrist... so I emailed the store that night, eeek, so nutso. BUT! SUCCESS! A lady I know from the group emailed me to say that the optometrist is adopting a dog! :)

So, because that made me feel warm & fuzzy, I wanted to present a pair of dog best friends who need adopting, because dogs with best friends make me feel even more warm & fuzzy:


They a smooth-coat brussels griffon who were previously adopted but had to be returned to rescue when their new ma became ill. If you need some sweet doggies in your life, you should look at these babies. Brussels griffon are very sweet pups.

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