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Crazy dog lady: A success story

As you all know from my dog posts, I am a crazy dog lady. I look at photos of dogs constantly. I force others to look at photos of dogs. I try to convince others to adopt dogs. IT FINALLY WORKED. Here is the story:

I had a meeting with a letterpress printer about wedding invitations, but I was early. I stopped into a glasses shop nearby to try on frames. Naturally, the conversation turned to dogs, then to my dog, then to my dog's breed, Brussels Griffon. WHAT ELSE would I talk about when trying on glasses?! The salesman said that the ophthalmologist wanted to get a griff and asked if I knew of any breeders. I said no... but when I got home, I googled the shop and wrote an email to the ophthalmologist to tell him about a griffon rescue organization in our area. WELL, GUESS WHAT?! He emailed me yesterday to tell me that he adopted a rescue griff from that organization! CRAZY DOG LADY ACTIVATE!

PS This little cute guy still needs a home! He is adorable and sweet as pie. I met him a couple of months ago.


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