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Welcome To The Bitchery

I almost never remember my dreams. Sometimes I wake up with a vague feeling that one made me happy, or scared, etc, but I’ve only had a handful of times in my life where I could clearly remember what I was dreaming about.

But last night’s dream was crystal clear, and really odd.

I was on a flight, and the seat next to me was a huge Christmas tree that the flight attendant was making me decorate, and she was being very mean about it.

When we came in to land I was finishing the last ribbon, but was having to chew through it with my teeth since she wouldn’t give me any scissors. And she got shirty with me because I wasn’t done.

Then when we landed I was helping an old lady get her bags out of an oddly small overhead space, and was having to use her cane to reach things in it, when the flight attendant came up to me and started lecturing me about not being done with the decorations. I told her to leave me alone because I was doing her job helping a passenger, and she said “well then I’ll just give you a fine.”

Then she called over an airport cop (who was on the plane for some reason) and he wrote me a $400 ticket for interfering with a crew member!


I woke up so mad, and I laid there for 5-10 minutes planning out how I would call the airline, and what I’d say on social media, before my brain reminded me it was a dream and I went back to sleep.

Brains man, they are weird. :)

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