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I don’t mean “I want to be the first person on Mars” kinda dreams, I mean the sleeping kind where your brain REALLY lets loose.

(for the record, I’ve never been scuba diving, I don’t work in any kind of test field, and have no particular interest or affinity for anyone appearing in the following dream)

Last night I dreamt I was some kind of scuba diver, like for underwater construction or demolition or something and I was in a giant swimming pool testing some new material.


Whatever it was, was super floaty and designed to let you move material from a boat to a platform without rocking either of them and I was having to climb off the stuff onto this big black platform in the pool but it kept rocking and splashing and failing the test,

Then I finally did it and got onto the platform with no issues, and the trainer/tester guy was really happy, like freaking out excited and happy.

Then I realized that the tester was Tom Selleck... and that I was actually in a movie about all that other stuff.

Brains are WEIRD man.

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