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Welcome To The Bitchery

Crazy Drivers

Last night I witnessed one of the craziest things I've ever seen while with my family on our way to dinner. A car in front of us, blew their tire, which came flying off, almost taking out a kid on a skateboard on the sidewalk. They continue driving as the rest of the tire disintegrates until they are driving on the rim. And they keep going! They drive past 3 gas stations, and turn down the road we were taking. At this point they were about a quarter mile ahead of us and we could hear the grinding of their rim so there's no way they were still oblivious to what was happening. Then we see them swerving into the oncoming lane, with several cars barely avoiding a head on collision. At this point my aunt calls 911 to get a cop on it. We weren't close enough to get their plate so we turn down the road they did and they pull into a bar parking lot. Two other cars, we later find out had almost gotten hit by the driver and turned around to follow them, pull in behind the car blocking it in. A few minutes later the cop gets there and my aunt finishes with the 911 dispatcher. We continue watching the scene for a few more minutes and then head on our way to dinner.


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