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Geekgirl our lovely protagonist is in her very spartan cubicle reading the 4 bajillion resumes she was emailed last night. The phone rings.

Geekgirl: Company Name!

Caller: Is Sue there?

Geekgirl: I'm sorry we don't have a Sue in this office, you must have a wrong number.


Caller: No, I don't.

Geekgirl: We don't have a Sue here, and never have.

Caller: Well I know I dialed correctly.

Geekgirl: You might have dialed correctly, but you can still have the phone number wrong for Sue.

Caller: ::sighs:: I'm an attorney

Geekgirl:....Okay? Sue still doesn't work here.

Caller: I don't know why this is so difficult

Geekgirl: Because you're asking me for people who don't exist?

Caller: ::hangs up::

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