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Crazy Shit Your Family Says. Let's Share.

If someone was going to make a game where you had to guess what your family members would say/do over the holidays, what would it be?

Here are a couple from my insanity.

1. My sister, who makes a solid $225k a year with her husband, complains about being poor and that's why they didn't splurge on gifts this year. (For others.)


2. Sitting in the living watching television with my mother, she will tell me to choose a show and then complain about every show I pick. "How can you watch this crap?"

3. This is followed by "What are you always doing on the computer? Are you addicted to the Internet?" I'm usually waiting as she has the slowest Internet on the planet and such a bad plan that I once streamed a tv show and it went over her limit.

4. Both siblings will get out of setting up and cleaning by claiming the children are tired and have to go home to nap. So that leaves me.

5. My mother and my aunt will have a grandma-off, overly gushing over the grandchildren to prove who is loved more.


You? Any classics?

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