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Crazy Story from Work Today

I teach Kindergarten in Ontario, which means I have an all day program. Each kindergarten classroom in my school has a lunchroom supervisor who is hired to watch the kids over the lunch hour. My lunchroom supervisor is a lovely woman, a parent in the school, a longtime volunteer, and a teacher with foreign credentials who is trying to get hired on as a supply teacher with the board.

She’s also currently in the midst of a messy divorce and by sheer terrible coincidence, a relative of her husband has been hired to be the lunch supervisor in one of the other Kindergarten classrooms. I found out today that the relative has been harassing my lunch supervisor on her soon to be ex-husband’s behalf. I am not entirely clear what is going on, as my lunch supervisor was extremely emotional, but apparently she has served her husband some sort papers ordering him to vacate their apartment, so restraining order? Maybe?

Anyways, apparently the relative has been recording my lunch supervisor on her phone when they were outside at outdoor play. Apparently her husband called her and told her that they were going to put the video up on youtube, and “show the world how crazy you are”. We don’t know what this is about because nothing happened while they were outside. Other staff were outside as well, so my lunch supervisor has witnesses. Apparently the relative was standing there with her phone in her hand, when one of the SNAs asked what time it was. The relative said “my phone is dead”. So why was she standing there holding it? This seems to be when she recorded my lunch supervisor.


All I know is, if that video goes up on youtube, the relative will lose her job. That is serious violation of the privacy rights of the children and board policy.

Apparently my lunch supervisor has talked to our Principal. I advised her to call her union when she got home. Since it is a dispute between two union members, I am not sure what she can do, but they might be able to advise her if she needs to contact HR. My ECE suggested to her that if the relative is helping her husband violate a legal order, that is criminal and she should call the police.

Currently we have split lunch where half of the classes go outside, while the other half stay in eat. My class and her the class being monitored by her husband’s relative were going outside to play at the same time, but I have swapped things so they will not be outside at the same time. I am not sure who the relative is, so I am going to make a point of going down to that class while she is inside with the children so I can see who she is. That way if she comes anywhere near my room, I can deal with it.

My lunch supervisor was so upset today, that she cried the entire lunch hour. I decided to sit in the room and eat my lunch there, to help her out. A couple of my SK girls asked “Why is our lunch supervisor crying?” I told them it wasn’t anything that they did, it was that she was upset because some grownups were being mean to her, and I couldn’t say anything else about it.

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