Trigger warning, I’m going to describe some upsetting violence below. I’m in shock and I need to process.

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I just called my mom. She had neglected to tell me about some unfolding family drama. My seriously mentally ill sister who is also just a jerk, attacked my mom on Saturday. She’s been violent before. She broke my nose, she’s attacked my dad, and she’s been arrested for assaulting and biting before. Even this was a shocker. She brutally assaulted my mom out of the blue. She just jumped on her and bit a huge chunk out of her face and knocked her tooth out. She could have killed her knocking her down onto the ground and jumping on her (my mom is in her 60's). My mom will need plastic surgery and dental surgery. My niece was there, but luckily outside in the yard and not a direct witness. Now my niece is living with my parents while my sister’s husband tries to sort this shit out. I am in shock. I want to go out there, but I am just paralyzed with shock. I really hope she goes to prison and that’s a terrible thing to say about your sister. I cut her out of my life a long time ago, and I’m glad because I’m cold to her and now she is dead to me. I really wish I made up all this crazy shit about my life. I really just feel like I want to live alone and just have a quiet life and try to care for my niece and parents and support them. I’m so tired.