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Crazy Uber Drivers

I had a creepy interaction with an Uber driver last night and I just can't stop thinking about it.

I went on a date last night and called for an Uber home. I wasn't really paying attention because I was chatting with my date. So, like a minute before the car is due to arrive I realize that my app was stuck on my last location, my home. So I canceled the request and requested a new car to my present location.

A minute later I received a text from an unknown number with the message "Seriously?" I immediately understood. I totally get how annoying that would be! So, in an attempt to be a decent human being I responded with

I am very sorry. I didn't realize that the wrong address showed in the pick up location. I'm actually in mission valley. My sincerest apologies for fucking with your schedule.


You would think that would be that, right? Nope! The idiot texted me back! And not very nicely...

U must be happy. Why don't u just tell me that u dint like my face after two shots of taqeela

I didn't even know where to start! What the fuck you guys!? I kind of wanted to tear down his bizarro response. Or his inability to spell (taqeela? Fucking kidding me?)

I opted to keep it simple.

You know what? I made an honest mistake. Thanks for being an asshole. I'll be sure to let Uber know that you are being rude and harassing clients. Text me again and I will follow up by reporting you to SDPD.


What really freaks me out is that because of my mistake this guy has my home address. Judging from his message, I'm hoping he isn't bright enough to put two and two together. But, I didn't sleep real soundly last night because of this. Maybe I'm overreacting. I feel like I live in a nice city, I rarely get any weirdness on OKC, I don't get street harassed. I think it is the rarity of bullshit had left me more sensitive to it?

Anybody else have any weird or creepy Uber/Lyft stories?

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