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Crazy Wedding Stuff

My sister is addressing her wedding invitations today. Everyone knows there is a giant industry dedicated to weddings and wedding etiquette.

Apparently, this crap dates back to the dark ages. Obviously, there's the "Mr. And Mrs. Soandso",, which is ok or whatever. It's common. Then there's all the crap about Miss vs Ms (I always thought Miss was for children and teenagers).

The crazy comes in when you have two people who are unmarried but living together. The guy goes first, because he has a penis and is better, even if you don't know him and only know the girl. The girl only comes first if she has a doctorate and her man-thing does not. If they both have doctorates, they become "The Doctors Soandso".


Shouldn't it just be addressed to who you know first, then who they live with? What if it's two guys or two girls? Who goes first?

Why does this matter?!

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