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Crazy Work Story and OT

As some of you know, I am a pest control technician (exterminator). Yesterday, I got sent to a house for a hornet void nest. It’s a rental property and the landlord had done a very bad job of installing a wall AC unit, so there’s a hole in the siding next to the unit.

The tenant tells me the landlord had come over the previous day and done some self-treatment (sprayed wasp spray into and around the void). When he did this, hornets had come pouring into the house. So I look at what he had done in response to that problem, which was to fill the bottom of the AC with spray foam and packing tape. The tenant said after he did that, she hadn’t had any more get into the house.

There’s obviously nothing I can do to treat the inside first, with the AC there (we like to treat from the inside out first in a case like this so that they’re not driven in when we treat the exterior side). And besides, she seemed to think that the landlord had blocked their access into the house. So we talk about how she’s nervous about the chemical getting in bc she has a baby (who’s not home at the time) in addition to the 2 older kids who are there. We decide she’s going to tape a plastic sheet over the AC while I’m treating, until any vapors have had a chance to settle out, and until she’s sure the colony is dead. I get my stuff out of the truck, she tapes the plastic up. I make them stay inside bc things might get exciting once I start.


I do my thing and go in to do the paperwork. While I’m printing their report, the 8 yo daughter calls from the living room “Mooom, there’s a ton of hornets coming in!” We go in there and y’all, hundreds of hornets were pouring out of the vents of the AC! Some of them got through the whole plastic/tape situation and into the house, so I ended up having to send them away for a few hours so I could treat the inside as well, but I am so, so thankful that this woman was afraid about the chemical getting in from the outside. I cannot even imagine what I would have done if they had just come into the house the way they came into the plastic sheeting! Also, she and her kids were impressively calm about the horror movie scenario going down in their home.

Anyway, talk about whatever.

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