Everybody needs to see this. EVERYBODY.


EDIT: there was some confusion, so I'm going to clarify.

The writer of the comic meant to say something like "people are only interested in mainstream superheroes, they won't give original content a chance at all!" We are supposed to sympathize with the indie creators who can't make it in comics because shallow customers would rather have more of the same (superhero comics) than give indie comics a try.

It never occurred to him that the problem wasn't "original content" but rather "sexist content." It never occurred to him that women might not want to read a comic with a pair of giant disembodied breasts on the cover.

That's why so much sexist crap keeps showing up in comics (and other media). You can show a creator the most obviously, blatantly, in-your-face sexist thing imaginable, and he won't notice at all. People had to go out of their way to point out to him that women may find a cover with nothing but giant boobs offputting, it really hadn't occurred to him at all.