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Welcome To The Bitchery

All right. I currently have at my disposal:

1 ripe avocado

a bag of baby spinach

a few tomatoes


5 eggs


A giant bag of oranges

Rice/Pasta/instant potatoes

Various canned items: tomatoes, Rotel, soups, etc.

Pantry and fridge staples (spices, condiments, and such)

In the freezer I have: chicken breast and ground beef (neither are thawed).

So...what should I have for dinner? I was thinking an omelet? I could do spinach and tomatoes and cheese. But that seems boring. Any creative ideas? I've eaten pretty much nothing but pita pockets with hummus and veggies (except for yesterday, it was alllll French Onion dip yesterday). So I want something warm and filling.


I am a very beginner cook, and I suck at being creative. I can usually follow a recipe, though.

If I'm left to my own devices I will probably end up making guacamole and hard boiling an egg (or making deviled eggs!), which doesn't seem like the best dinner. I'm also looking for things I could do with the chicken and ground beef for quick dinners this week after work. Any and all suggestions welcome! The only thing I do not like is onion.

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ETA: Maybe I'll try something like this? http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/s… That won't be too bland, will it?


Edited again: I think the votes for omelet win. I'm going to go try it now! I still welcome any suggestions for quick/easy dinners during the week! Thank you so much!

Edited one last time: My kitchen light just blew up, so now I have no light. See rant in GT about my landlord. Thanks for all your suggestions, but I will have to try them later.

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