I know it’s early, but I made dinner for the kids already. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, so it was “create something cool from the pantry” day today.

Spicy teriyaki salmon and black bean rice paper rolls, that’s what I came up with. Gf/Df, and amazingly delicious.

The filling is a can of salmon, a drained can of black beans, one carrot cut in matchsticks, chopped onion, 2 cloves minced garlic, and a combination of tamari, teriyaki, Worcestershire, and sweet Thai chili sauces. Also, some powdered ginger, white pepper, and garlic salt.

I used the rice paper wraps I was sent (thank you! And thank you for the salmon and black beans, too!) a couple weeks ago, put a TBS of the filling and a little handful of rice noodles on each soaked wrap, rolled them up nice and tight, and fried them in corn oil (it’s what I had. Peanut oil would have been better.)

They are so good! I impressed myself with this one, you guys. I have never made anything like this before, and it came out great!