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Today has been a weird day, considering how utterly uncreative I am.

For example, due to people's very kind recommendations, I've been reading up and watching up on sewing information, and drooling over fabric samples. I've pretty much decided to start off with tea towels (SERIOUSLY HOW CAN ANYONE HAVE TOO MANY TEA TOWELS?? I FUCKING LOVE THEM) which are probably one of the easiest things to make in the world, then make some curtains for our kitchen (we haven't been able to find any in the right size for love nor money), and then move on to a skirt pattern.

I thought that was it, but then I randomly came across a website meant for florists and discovered loads of amazing decorative things, and have basically planned out how I'm going to make my table pieces for my wedding. I should probably point out here that I'm not even engaged. So my fictional table pieces for my fictional wedding, at a hypothetical venue that I've pretty much already chosen.


I feel a bit like a loser.

Although at least the dinner I made earlier turned out bizarrely well considering I gave it approximately 5 seconds thought before making!! It's 0100 here, and I wasn't tired when Mr KayKay went to bed, so I am basically loafing around online watching awful television. Extreme Makeover dubbed in french? Weird.

Is anyone awake with anything interesting to tell me, or cool things to show me? God, wish this woman would stop screaming - even at volume 1 it's insanely grating!!!

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