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Credit Cards, True and Co, frustration

Edited to Add: THEY FIXED IT. "I am so sorry for any errors with your return, and thank you for reporting this! It looks like our warehouse reported to us that you kept the Coquette. I have reported back to them this discrepancy, updated your order information, and refunded $33.93 back to your credit card. Please look for this refund to post within 4-6 business days."

Note: They sent me two which were good and I kept. The Coquette was just not flattering and felt flimsy. So did the Brallelujah. I liked one called "stocking stripe" and I can't remember the name of the pink one I kept.


Original Post:

I ordered a free try at home package, loved two bras, kept them, sent three back. Had a huge confusion about how to use the coupon code and it turns out I couldn't use it on the order I had (making me feel like I should have sent it all back, just because i had a different expectation.) Now they have charged me for one of the items I have sent back. I just emailed their customer service department (again, after that coupon code mess)- they send too many emails and seem cold. I feel sad! I spent over $100 and now they are charging me $33 more and it feels like I got ripped off even though I very much needed and wanted them. And they are nice and fit well- I just feel like their customer service and FAQs are unintuitive and now they are getting revenge for my excess amount of emails by chargine me for something I returned. This is why i cannot have nice things. Will my credit card company be able to do anything and if so what do I say?

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