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Credit report question

Hey folks, I’m having trouble figuring out what I should do about having something removed from my credit report. I found out today that something is on there that should not be and I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what to do about it.

Basically, my dad didn’t have a will, so when he passed away it was close to a year before I could access his bank accounts to pay his debts. In the meantime, a contractor who’d done a couple thousand dollars of work for him right before he died decided to sue me and the estate in small claims court. The claim was paid a couple of years ago (a few months after it was filed) but still shows on my credit report. I feel like it should not be there any more, am I wrong?

All the advice I’m seeing online about correcting your credit report are for actual errors (like, debts that belong to someone else). Has any one had a similar situation before, or can you recommend a reliable source of information on fixing credit reports?


In good news, though, my credit score is much better than I had thought.

Thanks and please accept this confused kitty.

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