Mr. Haa's loser, creep brother is back in town staying with their parents. He had just gotten released from jail a week ago. He got arrested for being a party to stealing copper wire and has court dates in December. Mr. Haa's parents just came over to see Baby Haa and told us the latest horrible thing he's done. He actually put his hands on my MIL. He got up in her face and screamed at her, called her "a fucking bitch" and pushed her. He's always had a temper but it seems to have gotten worse and more physical. He also grabbed the phone out of my MIL's hands when she went to call my SIL. She needed to call the cops. I told her that. My in laws found needles, spoons, and various prescription pills in his stuff so he's still using but he doesn't have any money so I don't know how long that will last. I worry for the Valium Mr. Haa's dad is taking for his bone pain, the car my father gave them when he moved to Charlotte, the guns my FIL hunts with. Last year Mr. Haa's brother pawned his gun and has been trying to get his hands on another one ever since. Not something that makes me feel terribly comfortable.

Not only do I worry for my MIL and FIL but I worry for Baby Haa and myself as well. It's unsettling to know this asshole is less than 5 miles away from us while we're home by ourselves all day. I'm a little scared. Mr. Haa thinks I'm being silly. Luckily BIL doesn't have a car but I'm keeping the doors locked anyways.