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Creep Me Out (TW: Creepiness, duh.)

Update: Keep ‘em coming! I just want to add that I also want paranormal crap too, if that’s what you got!

I like creepy stories. My only use for Reddit is for finding its 1 zillion threads dedicated to creepy stories and then falling down those rabbit holes. We are entering creepy story season now.

Tell me your creepiest experiences. Or the creepiest “true”story you’ve ever heard of.


Creepiest personal experience:

I was in San Diego’s Balboa Park when I was about 11. My family was finishing up a picnic, so I wandered off and got sort of lost. I heard a strange voice call my name. I look up and see a clown looking right at me. He looks into my eyes and says, “Nice to see you ... AskimBenim.”

I haul ass to get away from him, because I was already afraid of clowns to begin with. A strange clown that knows my name? Nope.

He followed me, yelling my name and laughing. I found my family and told them the story. My parents were pissed off/scared.


My sister then helpfully pointed out that my name was on the back of my shirt (an old soccer jersey.)

I thought it was a scary story for several years, then it turned into a funny story during my teens. Now that I am in my 30’s it is creepy again, since what kind of grown man dresses up as a clown and chases young girls?


Creepiest story I’ve heard of:

Hinterkaifeck (All the TW’s.)

Creep me out, you guys

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