Because of doxxing things and concern for the mods, I am deleting my creep note post and making a fanfare about it because I feel like it. Don’t judge me.

Sorry to NomNom83 I tried dissmissing and even flagging your comment per mod requests and it doesn’t seem to go away. I’m not sure what flagging does but I appologize if any of that offends you at all, you are a great GTer and none of that is your fault, it is mine for posting a picture with personal details, that was a careless decision and it’s on me. But you have some mad good sleuthing skills!

For my own records here is the creep note (amended to eliminate doxxing info) in question:

Thanks everyone for the support, I will follow up when I have spoken to the police. I do not plan on interacting with this person personally because I just don’t want to. You are all right, I am not over reacting.

Have a great Day : )