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Creep-out vibes

I went out to dinner tonight and there is a server at this restaurant I go to regularly that gives me the biggest creeps ever. Part of it, I'll admit, is shallow, in that he looks like a 90s caricature of a drug dealer, complete with thin, greasy ponytail and a sleeve tattoo. But honest-to-god, there is something about him WAY beyond that. Weird body language and never smiles, except when I see him hanging out at the bar with a few very drunk (and always female) regulars. He has never acted out of line with me, although he's kind of sour, in a place where all the servers are super nice. He raises my hackles in a way that is pretty rare, and honestly, kind of freaks me out. If I saw him coming down the street, I would go out of my way to avoid him.

I don't know why I felt the need to write about this.


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