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Welcome To The Bitchery

Creepiest places where you've been hit on

I got hit on at the Museum of Death in Hollywood. The Museum itself already had me unsettled. I’m fairly fascinated with death, but not so much with gore. The museum has some gore.

Some guy followed me from the serial killer room to the room dedicated to the Manson murders, trying to engage me in conversation. The guy wouldn’t take a hint, but a nice punk couple pretended to know me and started chatting with me. He scampered off. Thanks, nice punk couple.


My husband chickened out before we went in and waited outside. I hate trotting out the “I’m married” card because these jerks should just leave women alone, but I did in this situation because I had the willies. He didn’t believe me. I kinda wish he would have followed me outside and found out that I am not only married, but married to one of the more intimidating-looking people ever.

Where is the creepiest place in which you’ve been hit on?

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