So this week I was talking to a guy on OKC, and the conversation was VERY stilted. He said he wanted to meet me and I responded "You've given me no compelling reason to meet you. The only interest you've shown in my is my physical appearance. If that's how you roll, that's fine, but I expect there to be more compatibility than that, which I haven't seen or felt." Blunt, but I'm on a new kick of engaging more, and at the same time, being more forthright.

So he said "Can I call you?" So I said "sure," thinking that maybe he's one of those guys who don't do well over email. There are a lot of them - no big deal. Maybe it's a language thing. So we talked, and he creeped me the hell out. We barely had a conversation. He mentioned again how nice I look and I switch the conversation to ask him what he does for a living, and he's a real estate flipper, which I think is kiiiind of shady—but whatever...I'm sure some people who do it are on the up and up. Then he wanted to know how long I've been single. Then he asked again to go out. Tonight. Tomorrow night. Any time I want.

It's so tough...on the surface, there's absolutely nothing wrong with anything he did. Some people do much better in person and want to cut to the chase. But man, I got so weirded out by him that I got off the phone as quickly as possible, blocked his number, and blocked him on OKC.

Sometimes I wonder if my gauge is off, because I get spooked pretty easily. But then I decide if getting spooked and not meeting someone is the worst thing to happen, I can live with that.