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I decided to walk to my local bank. It's over a mile away from were I live now. On my way over, I thought that maybe there was youngish guy yelling at me. It's a bit windy and he was parked across the street so I wasn't sure. On my way back, this old ass man tried to hit on me. At first had trouble trying to roll down the window in order to try and hit on me. It was a struggle not laugh in his face. When he finally got the window down he said that he was sent by my brother to pick me up. I told him that I knew he was lying because my only brother doesn't even live in this state. Then he said "You know I'm trying to pick you up"? "Yes I undetstand that and No thank you". Then He asks me several times "are you mad at me"? "No"I say. I just really just wanted him to drive away.

At this point two people in an SUV drive up, the woman that is driving asks if the guy was hassing me. I say yeah and then her brother jumps out of the car and starts yell and the old duffer to move on or he will beat his ass. The girl yells at me to get in her car. So I did and they gave me a ride home. Which I thanked them for. All's well that ends well.


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