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Creepy and gross thing (we have mice)

We have mice. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Last week, we had a squirrel in our attic and now he is gone. Now we have fucking mice. Probably because our dirty-ass neighbors don’t get rid of their fucking garbage.

Yesterday, our dog killed one that I found behind our toilet. Today, she killed one when my husband was home over lunch. Now she has killed another one. THREE in two days. So we probably have a million of them. I’m pregnant, already not eating (I have a condition that has kept me vomiting all pregnancy long), and now there are fucking mice everywhere. We don’t leave food open (we keep it in rubbermaid containers or sealable ones) because our fucking neighbors had a roach problem last year. We don’t leave dishes in the sink. Our landlord is going to take care of it but what the fuck can I do to avoid them? How will I sleep? Right now due to pelvic pain and because I can’t flip over in a normal god damn bed because I’m 35 weeks pregnant, I sleep downstairs on a couch. And I’m fucking paranoid they will crawl all over me.

What can I do other than keeping traps? We have a Scottie and a Chihuhua who are left crated/gated when not unattended but I don’t want to use any poison that could harm my dogs. As much as I hate killing things, I don’t want to see them. Ever. I had a pet rat growing up and I had horses, so I am not usually terrified of them but the idea of them crawling over my kitchen is terrrrrrrifying right now.


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