SO this is going to be harsh, and one of the things I'm about to rail against is something you do then sorry, but not really sorry. Maybe you should evaluate your life choices.

I'll start with creepy cab drivers. As many of you know, I work at Subway (this will be important later) and I don't have a car. On days where I'm too tired or it's too rainy for me to walk the two miles each way, I take a cab. For some reason, cab drivers love to flirt with/hit on me. STAHP.

First, I seriously just want to go home/to the store/to work. I have absolutely no interest in your companionship outside of this cab ride. Second, the youngest male cab driver I've ever gotten was at least 10 years older than me. Usually they're 20+ years old than me. I know there are plenty of relationships with large age gaps, but keep in mind that I'm 20. I might be less creeped out if I was like in my 30's and someone in their 40's was hitting on me, but the reality is that some 30-60 year old guy hitting on me is kind of really creepy. Especially when you consider the fact that THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVE. Luckily I live with my boyfriend and have my taser in most of these situations, but it's really fucking unprofessional and I would like it to stop. I actually like a lot of the cab drivers I get, but at least half of them are super creepy and I shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable by someone I'm paying to take me somewhere.

Now we're on to the creepy douchebros who I deal with at work. This next statement may make me seem like a bitch, but I really do not give a fuck. If you hit on people while they are at work, you are an asshole. There are always exceptions. Like if you're a regular and the person seems to be flirting with you or something like that or if you back off as soon as they seem uncomfortable, but in most cases I'm gonna assume you're an asshole. This may be different in other industries, but in the service industry, the employees have to be nice to you. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of our job, and it's really fucking unfair for some creeper to come in and be like "hehehe can I see you sometime" and then not be able to shut that shit down. Don't do this. Do not be that person. I literally just want to make your sandwich and get on with whatever I need to do for the night. Also, please do not leer. My tits are fantastic, but it would be super awesome if you could look away from them for at least two seconds.


Here are some personal examples:

This one time, there was this super annoying group of guys. After making their sandwiches and going about my business one yells "MY FRIEND THINKS YOU'RE HOT." I just kind of look at him and say that I have a boyfriend. After a few minutes the guy who thought I was hot just came and stood by the employee door and stared at me for like 10 minutes. No. Stop.


There's this middle aged guy who comes in every now and then who is like obsessed with my hair color. I get compliments on my hair color all the time because my hair is fabulous, but this guy was just sooooo creepy about it. "Your hair is soooo vibrant. I just looove it." We talked about my hair for like 10 minutes and then when I finally finished his sandwich one of my regulars came in. So my regular and talked while the guy ate in. Seemed like no big deal. Well the next time creepy hair dude came in he was like "Ooooh that young man last time seemed to really like you."


Just the other day, this guy was talking to me about my major and whatnot when he asked "Can I see you sometime?" I just replied "" He was like "No. Outside of work. You know what I mean?" I again mentioned that I have a boyfriend. He at least looked really embarrased, but it made the next few minutes really uncomfortable.

Now today, one of my least favorite customers came in. He comes in every day and is always hassling me and trying to get free shit. Well today, he didn't have enough money to get as many cookies as he wanted so he said to me, and I shit you not, "Can you just give me your discount since you love me so much?"


He also asked me my ethnicity, which was super confusing for me because while I guess I am technically mixed (1/4 Puerto Rican and then 3/4 a bunch of other shit), I look super white. Like I have an olivey skin tone, but I look white. It was weird.

Anyway. Moral of this post is don't be a creepy creeper.