So every morning when I get off the metro for work, there's a guy going in the opposite direction, and we tend to cross paths. I guess he just got a new job because this only started happening a week or so ago, but has been fairly consistent. I've tried going at different times to avoid him, which does kind of work, but obviously I should be able to go to work at a reasonable time.

The first time I saw him, I was walking up the steps out of the station. He was walking down them on the other side, but crossed over, leant in so that I was pinned against the handrail and breathed "Ooh, very nice...". I tried to say fuck off, but it came out like a little girl voice, and he'd already walked off so I'm not even sure he heard. The next day, he was there again, and this time he made weird clicky-kissy noises as I walked past. I gave him my filthiest scowl possible, but it still hasn't deterred him - every time he sees me he does something with major creep factor.

A few details which complicate it - though my workplace is lovely, the office building its in was part of an attempt to redevelop the area, which is pretty deprived. As in, I've seen a parent at the local primary school asking her (toddler!) child to hold her cigarette for her. It's an area with a lot of social housing, drug rehab facilities, unemployment - it used to be a key mining town, but never recovered from the 1980s. This unfortunately means there's a lot of crime - I also occasionally get catcalled walking past a warehouse, there have been break-ins to cars in the office car park, and violence is common. Quite simply, it might be unfair but on the basis that he's from this area, I would be afraid of physical retribution from him if I stood up for myself too drastically. I know that, like most British people I have classism/elitism issues, so if this is very unfair of me, please do educate/reassure me.

I'm also assuming that the police really won't give a flying fuck if I reported it - they have bigger problems round there and there's nothing illegal about making noises at people, which he does much more than actually saying words.

All in all, I'm very intimidated and don't really know what to do. I really shouldn't have to go to work half an hour early to avoid him, but he creeps me out like no other catcaller ever has. There's seriously sinister, bad vibes practically leaking out of him, and I get weirdly filled with adrenaline around him, whereas usually I'm happy to mouth off or shrug off creeps.