Not the creepiest of all creeps, but still weird.

A dude I knew years ago friend requested me, and I was like "meh, fine. *accept*"

Then he starts going on OUT OF NOWHERE about how he went to rehab for drugs and now he's awesome and better now and he deserves a kick in the ass for the drugs and...whoa boy. So I just sit back and watch the messages come in. Then he goes oh how we need to hang out or something. And I'm like yeah sure we'll figure it out. He responds

"You already know Fluffybutt. I will find a way."


So I just write back "haha" and he's like "you still have my sense of humor. Which you always liked of me" I...sure. Ok buddy.

Plz halp me.

ETA: HE KEEPS REFERRING TO HIMSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON. And wants to tag me in a picture of him to "show me how much he's changed" I don't even know I don't I just want it to go away now.