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Creepy Friday the 13th post

Morbid post is morbid.

Influenced by this story, I'd like to know how you'd like to go out.


I think in my family it's common to be cremated, but I've decided long ago that I'm donating my body to science. The human body is fascinating, and I would rather mine be used to educate future generations once I'm no longer alive than be part of a funeral procession. Those who choose to remember me can throw a party in my memory, I don't want them clad in black in a somber funeral; celebrate the things I love instead (elaborate feasts and Shanghai in the 20s).

I have already registered my body with Stanford's medical program, because they will still accept bodies that are also part of organ donations. Should that no longer be an option for various reasons, I'll choosing cremation as a backup.

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