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Welcome To The Bitchery

Today, out of nowhere, a student told me that she saw my dad’s ghost.

Me: “Do you mean your dad’s ghost?”

Kid: “Noooo, your dad’s ghost.”

I didn’t address what she said*, but I redirected her back to her work.

She doesn’t know my dad is dead. Her father passed away when she was a baby, so maybe she was projecting? Overgeneralizing is something kids that age do.


Or does she figure that my parents are dead because I am old and she’s just trying to be creepy because of the season?

I don’t believe in ghosts. If ghosts do exist, I really hope my dad isn’t spending his afterlife trolling 6 year-olds.


What’s the creepiest thing a kid has told you?


* I almost wish I would have fact-checked her more, such as asking what he looked like. My students forget that I am not white until they hear me speak Spanish.


If she was making it up, she would probably say something like, “He is an old white guy.”

On second thought, it would probably give me a heart attack if she correctly described him as a Latino.



I shared this here before, right after it happened.

When my dad was dying last year, my youngest niece was 4. She asked if he was going to die a few days before he did. When we told her that he was, you could see that realization hit her. She seemed to be in denial about it until then. She cried, collected herself, and then asked if she could tell him something.


He was almost in a coma, and had been experiencing delirium for days before that. We said she could say anything. We thought she’d want to say goodbye or something.

She looked at him with tears in her big brown eyes and said, “Grandpa, you’re going to die!”


My mom and I had been up for 48 hours at that point, so we actually had to stifle giggles. She was so sincere and seemed like she just really wanted him to know what was happening.

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