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Welcome To The Bitchery

Late last night, I was hanging out with my friends that were all in my city for some reason or another. Because the majority of them live in other countries (Scotland, Ireland, France, and Germany) we rarely get to all be together, and were catching up on the nuances of each others lives. We also love ragging on one another. An example:

French friend: "Hotfreypie is sweet, like almonds."
Irish friend: "Hotfreypie is also like almonds because she's nuts."

In the middle of this, a man that had been on the peripherals of our group stood up to leave the pub. He had been staring at us, but I get it; we're a group of people with all different accents laughing so hard that our eyes are tearing. Before he left, he strolled over to my friends and I, and slid a paper under my pint glass. He then walked out the door. The paper had this written on it:

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This dramatic, sweeping gesture caused all conversation to stop. We went from talking about addiction in Glasgow to:

"Are you going to call him? He has a huge bushy beard!"
"I rather like beards, hotfreypie!"
"What the feck was that?"


My Scotsmen friends got offended, and began to talk about how out of line the note-as-a-coaster technique was. My Irish friends immediately texted me the same thing the note said, cackling. My French friends shrugged.
This note brought up a lot of feelings in my own person, as well. My initial guttural reaction was to be creeped out. This wasn't a welcome thing. Upon reading it again, I appreciated the question mark, making the call me a request, and not a demand.

A Kinja user hit the nail on the head via twitter, aptly tweeting:

"I appreciate the courage to do this while you were surrounded by men; discouraged by the cowardice not to say it to your face."

I still don't know if I'll call him or not. Regardless, I had a really great night out with friends. Friendship is magic.

How do you react when being pursued in public, GT? Did you think this was an endearing tactic? Or a creepy one?

Illustration for article titled Creepy? Or Endearing? Being Pursued in Public.

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