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Creepy phonecall: part 3

He called again. After not having heard from the anonymous caller for I think 2 and a half weeks he called again.

I’d just emailed with my former PT’s manageron friday to let him know that I hadn’t heard anything anymore and hoped it was over. I was wrong.


Last night I was called three times in quick succession but didn’t answer because I was at a concert. I felt it could be him but I cant prove that any way. An hour ago he called again, this time I answered. Another uncomfortable short phonecall with lots of pauses:


Me “eh.. hi”

“...how are you?”

Me “..good.. and you?”

“..Good” - he always sounds very hesitant and nervous, sometimes a bit giddy and here he sounded relieved that I was responding. So I decided to take it a step further. So I asked him, after some silence in which nothing was happening, what he was doing. Meanhwile I crept out of the shower and into the bathroom to put him on speakerphone so boobieguy could listen in. The door slammed behind me though and just after putting him on speakerphone he hung up again, without responding any further.


I was very upset, especially since I thought we were over this by now. Boobieguys feels I should forget about it and block all anonymous calls. I just want to know who the fuck is calling me.


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