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Creepy Reddit rabbit holes (bump)

It’s October and I am a creepy bastard.

I spend way too much of my free time reading creepy Reddit threads. (Blanket TW for the links on the site.)

I also listen to creepy/paranormal/crappy true crime podcasts while at work.

The thing is, I am about 90% sure ghosts and other paranormal phenomena aren’t real. I still love the stories, even while I think most of them are fake. Some observations:

  • Everyone thinks their house or dorm was built on or near an “Indian Burial Ground” for some reason. “Indian Burial Ground” is shorthand for “Haunted As Fuck.” Weird. It is the paranormal story equivalent of “My great-grandmother was a Cherokee princess.”
  • For most of the paranormal stories in which the storyteller doesn’t seem to have been delusional or lying, I can’t help but think that they are suffering from sleep paralysis or night terrors. Which is still terrifying.
  • The Black Eyed Kids stories are silly. I mean, the little fuckers almost never succeed in tricking people into letting them inside! Most incompetent monsters ever. I still like the stories.
  • I do manage to get genuinely disturbed by the scary real-person stories. I made the mistake of reading about Richard “the Vampire of Sacramento” Chase before bedtime once. Big mistake.

ETA: Here’s some of the creepy/creppy-ish podcasts I listen too, since some people were interested. I repeat, my bar is low since I listen for 6-7 hours a day.

  • Thinking Sideways (kinda goofy)
  • Lore
  • Anything Ghost
  • Blurred Photos (funny)
  • The Generation Why
  • Mysterious Universe (kind of bigfot-heavy, but they have great Aussie accents and they’re funny.)
  • No Sleep (fiction)
  • Criminal
  • Reveal
  • Halloween Haunt (totally for kids, don’t judge me.)
  • Welcome to Night Vale is also more of a comedy, but a creepy one. (90% sure that the fictional town of Night Vale is set near my hometown in the Mojave Desert.)
  • Sword and Scale is probably the best-produced and researched true crime podcast.
  • True Murder -a little sleazy. Bad production values. I still listen weekly.
  • Skeptoid, when I feel like being a killjoy.

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