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Creepy Season Is Here

I just had a creepy trip to the laundromat. And it wasn't a creepy guy creeping on me and oogling my delicates as they tumble or fold.

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I arrived and noticed the young laundromat owner was there with his family and his son was zipping around outside on a razor scooter. There was a woman with her 6ish looking daughter unloading her dryers as I was loading my washers. The little girl was quietly chanting something and after a few repetitions I started paying attention to what she was saying.

“I want you to fall and break your ankle I want you to fall and break your ankle I want you to fall...”


WHAAAT? I turned my head and sure enough she was giving the boy on the scooter outside the hairy eyeball while she was saying that. Mom was totally tuned out trying to deal with a fitted sheet.

So. Fucking. Creepy.

What possesses a little child to be so malevolent?How can the mother just be cool with that kind of verbal wishing of bad things on others?


The little boy fell and skinned his arm as I was leaving. Which sucked for him. But it was sure better than a broken ankle.

Anything creepy happen to you lately?

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