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Creepy Stuff to Watch & Request for Recommendations

As is my annual tradition, I spend from ~09/15 through Thanskgiving watching as much horror/creepiness as I can stream for free. I’m open to recommendations (note: I’m personally not into “Hostel” levels of gore, prefer true crime and ghost stuff). Assume I’ve seen most of the big name stuff like The Exorcist and The Shining. Note: I have not yet gotten to The Haunting of Hill House but it’s on my list!

If you’re like me, you might enjoy these “new to me, this season”:


- Lore: I’m behind on this but binged S1 this weekend; uneven eps but overall it’s enjoyable and the production improves with each one;the “Robert the Doll” episode forced me to start S2 E1 as a palate cleanser.


- Celtic Monsters: more eerie than scary, it is myths and legends oriented; my 6 y.o. really liked it; production looks like it is from the late 90s so I don’t know why Amazon has it from “2036".

- Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime & Supernatural: B/c watching Ryan lose his shit while Shane taunts the entity will never not make me chuckle; drink every time Ryan says, “that being said...” (also available on YouTube and, well, Buzzfeed).



- The Ritual: decent, didn’t make a ton of sense but, uh, two of the guys in the cast were really hot so, yeahhhhh


- Apostle: loved this; gorier than expected/I would normally go for but kept me on the edge of my seat

Smithsonian Channel:

- The Real Story - Scream: I vaguely recalled Wes Craven (very, very loosely) based the movie on a real killer but this doc (~1 hr) is a horrifying primer on The Gainesville Ripper.


Short of the Week: That link goes to their horror channel but there are tons of genres so you can also do comedy, drama, animation, etc. to mix it up.

And a one thing I DON’T recommend:

Netflix’s Haunted. Guys. I can’t even. I need a whole separate post to detail all the ways I hated the few eps I watched. In short: “real stories”, my ass. I was ~pissed~ about the lady/family who claimed her parents were serial killers. Reddit was all over how fake that ep seemed. If you like calling bullshit on reality shows (or certain contributions to Jezebel’s annual scary stories post) this show — and specifically this episode — might actually be for you. Careful your eyes don’t roll out of your head.

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