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When Things Get Creepy: An Ex In A Small City

The city I live in is extremely small. One thing about living in a small city and dating is that you have to learn how to play nice with your exes. Most of my relationships have ended amicably. But my most recent ex has been upping up the creep factor.

I work in a restaurant that has a patio. This patio is the only secluded patio in the city that's off the street. You have to wander a bit to get there. One cannot simply stroll to the patio. It's like Mordor in that way.

LF and the ex I caught him doing cocaine with have strolled by there more than once, eyes scanning the patio, looking for me. It's sad. I mean, I would miss me too. But trying to goad me deliberately at my place of work? Come on! I've been really good at not taking the bait, and I'm really proud of myself.

Today, it happened again. It was just LF. I was working inside, briefly, when one of my coworkers came flying in from the patio like a bat out of hell.

"LF is outside looking for you! He was searching the entire patio! I'm so glad you weren't out there. I would have felt so bad for you! I told him:
'She's inside! Bye Felicia!'
He walked away."

On one hand, I'm really freaked out. On the other hand, I want to laugh manically.

As for LF himself: I wish him health. I hope that he can take a step back from what his life has become. I hope that one day he's in recovery.

But that won't be with me in his life. He's already in my rear-view.


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