The Daily Telegraph went undercover last month and discovered - decisively - that crisis pregancy centers in Britain are shady as fuck. Imagine that - since they're modeled after their own kind here in the USA. Need an abortion? Well, careful, because according to some "independent" pregnancy centers in the UK, having an abortion will make you a "child sex abuser."

Yep. Abortion = breast cancer is so 2013.

Some highlights from the article linked above:

One of the undercover reporters was told at the CLWC in London that there is "an increased statistical likelihood of child abuse" because women had to break "natural barriers that are around the child that you don't cross" in order to terminate a pregnancy.

The same adviser also said that women who had terminations were 25 percent less likely to be able to carry a pregnancy to full term.

At the APAS in Luton, a counsellor warned a reporter about similar "risks". The adviser, named Moira, told the reporter, "there's also a link with breast cancer".

Of course there's a link with breast cancer. It's called a link with a completely invalidated bullshit agenda that became significant enough in Internet history to merit referencing this "link" in order to valiantly convey how utterly inculcated the bullshit is. Very meta. Cf. the link between autism and vaccines.