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So I just finished the semi-biography of Eggers and although I feel decidedly argh (eta: changed meh to argh because meh does not express how long it took me to get through every _other_ section of this book. I’ve never met a person so in love and hate with himself in the most infuriating way) about the book there were some incredibly gripping sections. The book is written in a melodramatic, sweeping, chaotic, first person tone, that is exhausting can lend itself well when describing certain situations or emotions.

So I thought, why not give it a go. I can’t do it any worse. Right? (Wrong: I totally can.)


So I wrote down my fears about my relationship, as uncensored as possible, adding colour and leaving no melo-drama out. Yes this is my inner voice, yes these are things I at times think. It is not at all what I truly believe or wholly feel. It is a minor feeling that can cause discomfort, although I am ultimately, on the whole, quite happy. Especially laying here in my bathtub, feeling creatively inspired(albeit a bit dramatically so) with my draft beer next to me.

In any case I wondered if anyone was interested in an utterly melodramatic.. Essay? About feelings of fear in a young relationship, to take a gander at what I wrote. Tell me if it annoyed you or made you feel other feelingtype things. Or if you’re just wanting to go ‘get your writing critique somewhere else you twat’. Also fine!

As thanks I offer you some of these gifs from my private collection :

Artist interpretation of me when writing
Me most of the time at Dave Eggers
An approximation of my writing efforts

Also : open thread!! How is your relationship? Is there something else you wish to share? Share share share!

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