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crochet disaster aka jenny is a moron

I'm trying to make that viking hat for applet. I'm a bit rusty at crochet but that's okay. I've been fiddling with this pattern ALL DAMN NIGHT. I mean four hours worth of fiddling, okay.

Nothing I'm doing looks like the picture, nothing I'm doing makes any sense with the structure. Nothing I'm doing makes any sense with the project notes on ravelry.

Then I looked again and I have no idea where this pattern came from. It's some randomass viking hat pattern that was on my computer, not the really nice one I purchased. I WAS MAKING THE WRONG PATTERN! That's why nothing was working. I guess I just opened the wrong one and have been making this shittastic viking hat for no reason.


Yup, I'll be over here eating the potted plants. Derp.

(not my pic, because I haven't made the damn hat. Just the pic from the pattern)

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