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Crop-Tops and Dress Code Thoughts?

I don’t want to get caught up in the arguments brewing in the article comments but what are your thoughts on the crop-top article on the mainpage? I’m not going to jump down anyone’s throat for feeling one way or another about it, I think it’s interesting hearing about all this dress code stuff and I remember my own high school experience so I get where they’re coming from buuuuuuuuuut...

...a bra is not a shirt. Please excuse me if I sound curmudgeonly but 16-year-old me was skinny as hell and I wouldn’t have worn a crop-top ever. Mostly because the school was fucking freezing and sometimes I’d be wearing my coat and gloves to class so any more skin showing was not even a thought.


Most of the girls I remember in high school were really insecure about their bodies so I think it’s really nice to see young girls so confident that they are wearing bathing suits to school but—and feel free to disagree—is that really feminism? Is it too much to ask that you come to school fully clothed?

In my experience in high school, yes girls do get the worst of it when it comes to dress codes but I remember seeing boys get reprimanded as well. One for wearing short shorts because he thought it was funny. One for an offensive shirt or something. And many for distracting clothes or wearing a hat or sunglasses or what have you. All asked to change or leave. When boys wear distracting clothes they are asked to change. Granted they do it for comedy and not often sexuality. Although I’m sure many queer boys experimenting have been asked to change as well. But the fact is, boys DO get reprimanded. I had many shirts shrink in the wash and no one told me to cover my stomach when they rode up, maybe we’d point out to someone if their panties were showing when they sat down but that was more having their back than shaming. My friends wore leggings as pants. Hell, most my classmates came to school in their pajamas because who can be assed to think about fashion at 6 AM? The dance team uniforms were crop-tops. My flag team wore tight booty shorts and fishnets for performances and have you seen volleyball and track uniforms??? I sound like I’m clutching my pearls. And I don’t know what my point is. But really, is wearing a bralette to school some big social stance on feminism?

I do agree that girls shouldn’t have to measure their skirts and shorts or feel self concious about fucking shoulders but if a boy came to school in a shirt of equivalent size to some of those crop-tops he sure as hell would be sent home for being distracting. There is no way a boy could also wear a crop-top and not get reprimanded for it. We couldn’t even wear bandanas because... gangs! And this was the suburbs mind you! But at some point bandanas were a fucking issue.

So like, fine, wear your fucking bra to school or whatever but I just can’t support it as some feminist movement. There are places for certain types of clothing in all walks of life. I do not wear a bikini to work even though it is really relaxed with no real dress code, my coworker is in sweats and a hoodie right now, I’ve worn leggings as pants because of my leg injury, but I’m pretty sure we all draw the line a bras and short shorts. Yes this is an office, but again, it’s a really casual office similar to a school’s environment and I just think that fucking underwear is supposed to be worn under your clothing, it’s literally why it’s called underwear.


I am just an old fart aren’t I?

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